Children of The Black Sun CD - Mute

You know, I just don’t scare easily anymore - or impress easily, for that matter. I like the old Boyd Rice, where he was angry and noisy and just hated everybody, like in Hatesville, where he talks about throwing women down stairs and beating people up and is just a big silly bad-ass. This new album, I think, is supposed to be spooky, because it’s all droney and mysterious and ambient and there’s a picture of a cemetery with two statues either having sex or just hugging each other (can’t really tell which) - so yeah, I think the intent is to spook out. It doesn’t however, and considering that this thing lasts and lasts for half an hour of what seems like one long song. There’s also a pointless DVD included, which I originally was excited about until I put it on and realized that it was nothing but a repeat of the music on the record, with a big picture of the album cover frozen on the screen. So basically, I could have gotten the same effect from sitting there with the jewel case in my lap, staring at the cover while listening to the album. (Holly Day)



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