Park Avenue Music
To Take With You CD - Devil In The Woods

Mmm. I love Thai soups. Tom kha gai is a veritable symphony of balanced flavours. Galanga root, lemon grass, red chili - each one an undeniably strong element - but in the end they all bow to the fragile scent of Kafir lime leaf. ¶ A three-star dish of its own kind, Park Avenue Music’s To Take With You features savoury textured beats and lushly orchestrated synth lines, elegant down-tempo electronica that perfectly compliments Jeanette Faith’s vocals. Trained as a pianist, Jeanette is also a talented singer, able to sustain nonchalant phrasing throughout the prolonged operatic melody lines that flavor the album. Her voice has a breathy, warm quality reminiscent of Canadian chanteuse Jane Siberry. ¶ Wes Steed is the other half of Park Avenue Music. A garage rocker who lost his way experimenting with electronica, Wes employs a bristling armada of keyboards, vintage synths, and moogs (what is an eight-voice SEM?) but manages to cultivate a sparse sound all the more effective for its minimalism. Are there any good Thai places on Park Avenue? (Leigh Gable)



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