Polter Christ
Demo CD-R - Self-Released

Brutality is an odd term to use when describing music. Often bands use it to compare themselves to bands that have paved the way for extreme music. For me as fan, a band that uses a monotone guttural singer, with constant blast beats and numbing guitars, does not cut it for me. It’s easy to do, and done way too much. New bands are becoming stale with ideas. ¶ PolterChrist is not a stranger to fans on the East Coast, as they have played with some decent bands, and played a bunch. With the experience under their belts, they would need to sit down and think of writing music that has not been beaten down into the ground already. Another step for them was to get Brian Griffin to help them clean their sound up. After seeing the band Death years back, with Brian doing the live sound, I thought he was pretty damn good as a sound man. Death was not a band that anyone could pull off. ¶ Not only did Brian Griffin do a bang up job, but the cheesesteaks in PolterChrist really hit a home run with their demo. They have creative guitar writing, as well as some sharp drum playing. Lots of time changes and brutal breakdowns. Very similar to hardcore bands, but without the gang vocals and predictability that you find in those bands. This formula keeps the listener honing in at one hundred percent attention, waiting for the next thing to induce the urge to kill. (Jim Mills)



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