The Reunion Show
The Motion CDEP - Law Of Inertia

“It’s all been done before,” goes a line in “New Rock Revolution”, the second track on The Reunion Show’s debut six-song EP. So maybe they’re right, maybe it has all been done before, but there is a difference between simply mimicking something and taking something you love and making it your own, which is what these guys seem to be trying to do. ¶ Formed from the ruins of New York ska bands like Step Lively and Edna’s Goldfish, these guys give the impression of four young guys harboring obsessions with older acts like The Cars and Elvis Costello. Out of these six songs, we get some sugary sweet pop gooiness (“Too Much”), some edgy and vaguely punkish tracks (“New Rock Revolution”, “The Art of Nothing”, “Don’t”), some lulling mid-tempo pop (“Nobody”) and a fun pop song with vocals Elvis Costello would be proud of (“…Said I”). Every song is slightly geeky and catchy as hell, thanks largely to the swirling keyboards and “whoa oh oh” sing-alongs. The vocals are strong, no matter which of two singers they come from, and everything else stands out as equally tight throughout. ¶ So, this is sure to get your head bobbing, but it’s tough to say whether or not it is capable of making a long-lasting impression. It’s a great start for a new band though, so let’s just hope they are able to take things one step further and set themselves apart from the crowd with their future work. (Eddie Fournier)



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