Resident Genius CD (5 Rue Christine)

Three characters: 5RC. The sister label to Olympia, Washington's Kill Rock Stars records, 5 Rue Christine specializes in eccentric noise-rock and releases albums that favor electronic experimentalism over three-chord tumult. Think the Thrones, Get Hustle, The Replikants. Comprised of Akiko Carver and DJ Rop Style (aka ex-PeeChee Rop Vasquez), Semiautomatic dares you to like them. My simple rule-of-thumb is to avoid anything 5RC-related and to think twice before investing in the latest Kill Rock Stars release. Comet Gain anyone? Note: Akiko Carver, who is also an animator, directed a claymation video for the song "The Ballad of Puss Puss". The video made an appearance on the West Coast during the NAATA San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival. (Glen Steven Colen)



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