Starflyer 59
Can’t Stop Eating CDEP - Tooth & Nail

When Starflyer 59 released their first album in 1994, they suffered through numerous comparisons to Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies, neither of which make any more than brief, passing sense to current listeners. Having long ago moved from their days of producing plodding, thick, wall-of-sound alt-rock, Jason Martin and company have found themselves seated thoroughly in the throne of the modern shoegazer pop kingdom. Martin has admitted an obsession with The Beatles, commenting that he has to limit his time spent listening to the band in order to stay away from too much imitation. While never overly derivative, the resemblance is clear on this EP. Martin’s take, however, has a calmer, more wistful feel to it than any of The Beatles’ work. Here, Starflyer has made the soundtrack to a lovely Fall day, eschewing their focus on relationship issues for songs about life, love and people that have a genuinely upbeat feel. After former producer Gene Eugene’s passing three years ago, the keyboard has taken more of a backseat in the band’s songs, adding depth but staying out of the focus. This EP continues that trend; most of the songs are guitar an drum oriented, with simple open chords played over 4/4 drum beats that have likely been used a hundred times before. While the album makes little headway in the realm of innovation, it delivers five lovingly crafted tracks of thoughtful, dreamy rock that doesn’t disappoint. (Peter Suderman)



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