Demo CDEP - Self-Released

I've never had very much luck with women, although I must say that things are looking up lately. My newfound friends Lio, Dez, Keith and Kerri are just the coolest man; don't cha know? They've chosen me to be one of the DJs at this great club on the lower East Side and I think you should know about it so I'm telling you. I don't know what it's gonna be called but that doesn't really matter, you know, 'cause we'll have really great bands and shit playing there so c'mon down kids and swing like strange fruit. Other than that there's this great band giging around town called Stellastarr and yeah they're "indie rock" and they have the perennially hip female bass player (cheers to you Amanda Tannen!) and they have real life management so that means they're serious, so check 'em out. Actually, Shawn Christensen (voice and guitar), Arthur Kremer (percussion), the aforementioned Amanda Tannen and Michael Jurin (guitar and vocals) create some rather emotive and contemplative rock songs, deriding standard issue musings in favor of sincere balladry reaching courtship proportions, tuneful rockers that fall in between Seventies flash and contemporary earnestness and dutiful reverence to musical history (think early Eighties new wave [Cure] crossed with a mid-Nineties indie-pop flare [Archers Of Loaf]). "You're my coco girl/you're my coco" and on and on... Give this a try at your local shindig and you'll find yourself answering: "oh this, Stellastarr... they're from around town, they're great man, you never heard of 'em?" This could be the start of something special. (Joshua Gabriel)



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