Venusian Skyline
Twilight Songs CD - Undecided

Bands should really read their press releases before they attach them to their records. Florida’s Venusian Skyline are of a mind that they, and I quote, “provide an opus of enduring music wrapped in a curtain of epic qualities that can only be described as a lasting audio landscape of monumental proportions.” Well, if you say so. From where I’m sitting, this is insipid New York/San Francisco coffee house rock at its most Vero Beach. Picture a third-rate version of the Gathering Field with a keyboard player that really loves to express himself. The Skyline’s smartest move by far was drafting J. Robbins in to produce, as Twilight Sings is well recorded, but if you throw shellac on a turd, it’s still shit at the end of the day, just prettier. (Robb Browning)



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