Young Americans
Learning About The Sun CDEP - Self-Released

The mid-Seventies rock vibe surrounding Young Americans isn't rooted in blasphemous exaggeration or imitable posturing or clichéd pretension, instead these four songs seethe with intent, charisma and an earnestness to change the world, as well as throwing in some great harmonies along the way. Sassy like the Stones, peppered with The Posies and crafted with some Creedence, Learning About The Sun touches on varied, familiar ground, uncharacteristically coming out not only unique but ahead. "Build Up" holds together with seamless dual vocals, tremendous guitar hooks and she bangs the drumming, while "Sulpher" canonizes themes of Sisyphus and longing amid pulsing keyboards, yearning emotionalism and cryptic imagery. At eight minutes and forty-two seconds, "Glue" epitomizes the classic rock-isms and closes out the disc, risking their hearts on their sleeves and their budding cred with mantras, solos and a vibrating tambourine; a fully formed and haunting doctrine. (Joshua Gabriel)



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