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King Corpse EP
Format: 7"
Release date: August 27, 2010
By John Book March 11, 2011

Southern rock comes in a range of varieties, whether replete with soulful influences coming in as an acknowledgment of blues and jazz, or the twisted death metal crunch springing from Florida’s tip to the hidden forests of Virginia. Like any other region, good rock unfolds in new and interesting variants. Florida’s Lil Daggers are a band who sound nothing like what you’d expect from the South. Then again, the South is known for its rugged and relentless music, and in this case the band takes their brand of garage rock and pushes it forward for a generation who are hungry for good and decent music.

This 4-song 7″ EP comes on the heels of a split 7″ Lil Daggers worked up with Alabama’s Satan’s Youth Ministers. Even with a scant four songs here, the group show how they want to be heard, if not specifically defined. In other words, while Lil Daggers have a raw garage sound, the ensemble seems willing to try new things with and within their songs. “Devil You Know” and “Hungry” are a perfect examples of what made Mudhoney, The Mummies, and the Mono Men fan favorites around the world. There are times when a guitar solo might even bring these Floridians into Wilco territory without them knowing it’s a Wilco moment.

Then there’s “Ya Tu Sabe,” featuring a distorted bass guitar intro, farfisa organ melody, and distant vocal reverb sounding like these guys have spent too much time in damp storage sheds, waiting to see the sun again. But wait a minute, aren’t these guys from Florida? Maybe this is hurricane rock, and King Corpse comprises anthems for Southern fans waiting for storms to roll through. Yeah, I’ll stick with that.

Lil Daggers are a slight throwback to a number of eras, though. The spontaneous feel of the early 1990s, the unpredictability of punk’s swagger during the late 1960s, and even a nice hint of  the rebellious spirit associated with the time make showings. So, they could easily be a band favored by Cramps fans, or those who simply love rock’n’roll that actually sounds like rock’n’roll. While the singles and EPs they’ve released to date are satisfying, Lil Daggers’ forthcoming full-length debut (due out April 12th on Livid Records) should allow others around the world to join in on these sonically pleasing adventures.

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